Thoroughbred Stallions' Profiles

Once you start looking at pedigrees, you will want to know who was who. When assessing the pedigrees, you clearly need it. The key point is - where to find stallions' overviews?

In our early years of keen pedigree researchers, we hadn't much more than a notepad and a pen and pedigrees on the internet - and thanks at least for them; Federico Tesio wasn't so lucky. Now it's twenty years later, and let's be honest - we're not that much further. You can find tons of pedigrees, almost complete progeny lists or results of every claiming or class E race... but is THIS really what we need to evaluate a stallion?

Our answer is no, not really. What we actually need are comprehensive profiles with pedigree notes, racing career and top progeny lists with their achievements, and eventually established sirelines.

So we started creating these profiles. With offspring and influence on the female side of the pedigree up to the third generation, covered year by year, which allows us to discover the power and influence of every particular sire.

Profiles in alphabetical order:

NameCol.BornBred / StoodPedigree
Admiral's Voyagedkb1959USACrafty Admiral - Olympia Lou, Olympia - Louisiana Lou, Halcyon
Graustarkch1963USARibot - Flower Bowl, Alibhai - Flower Bed, Beau Pere
Northern Dancerb1961CANNearctic - Natalma, Native Dancer - Almahmoud, Mahmoud
Swapsch1952USAKhaled - Iron Reward, Beau Pere - Iron Maiden, War Admiral

If you're interested in sirelines in general, or any particular sireline, please follow the Sirelines section of 'Various' site.


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1951 - 1980
Admiral's Voyage?
Northern Dancer
1981 - 2010
Northern Dancer

Criteria used for compiling data in stallions' profiles

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