Various About Thoroughbred Breeding

Thoroughbred breeding is a world on its own. All turf battles aside, it's been over two hundred years of the pure breed, and we still can't tell what makes a great sire. There are many stallions that would prove you wrong on pedigree, and many others were poor racers. Conformation or strong family isn't the answer either, not to mention it's equally unpredictable with dams. But when you leave these minor mysteries behind you, you'll get to much bigger things. Into the world of sirelines, and into the unbelievable net of threads, which creates every thoroughbred.

We seem to know everything about sirelines, but there's so much information lost in the maternal sides of pedigrees. And also with the time, because nowadays, who's interested in the pedigrees from the end of the 19th century? But the fact is that history is repeating itself. As old titans like St. Simon are gone, new ones are being born in front of our eyes - like Galileo or Tapit, to say the least. New branches of sirelines are coming into existence, while others and old ones die out - without much of a notice and care of the whole world, which is excited by the greats. One thing we can be sure of, is that these things will go on long after us.

For those interested in thoroughbred history, this should be the right place.

Thoroughbred Sirelines

Thoroughbred sirelines: general overview
Complete schemes of all three modern sirelines of Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Barb, major historic branches included.
Origins of the breed: Darley Arabian line, from 1700 to 1850
Description of the first years, major historic branches and the main successors; complete scheme of the early sireline with influence on the maternal side of pedigrees included.

Grey Colour In Thoroughbreds

Part 1: Origins
Identification of the best known sources of grey colour among oriental stallions and mares, schemes of their influence, both colour and historical, and identification of sources of the grey genes in the modern thoroughbred.

Stallion Imports Into Transoceanic Countries

New Zealand
Equator, Star Kingdom, Zamazaan
Shian Mor, Partoholon
Japan: imports of broodmares
Short profiles of broodmares imported to Japan, sorted by the year of their import.

Breeding Statistics

Thoroughbred bloodlines of G1 winners in 2017 / smaller screens version (900px or less)
- full list and statistics