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28th January 2019

The annual racing awards are slowly bringing down the curtains of the 2018 racing season. Congratulations to the Triple Crown heroes Justify and Almond Eye, who are well-deserved Eclipse and JRA Horses of the Year, and to Roaring Lion, who was honored in Europe.

With updates of these two awards (and a slight reminiscence we should start working on the Cartier and Sovereign Awards as well), we updated our lists of leading sires of the 2018 season. They are Galileo in Great Britain and Ireland, Nathaniel in France, Soldier Hollow in Germany, Kitten's Joy in North America, Deep Impact in Japan, and 2017/2018 rulers Snitzel and Savabeel in Australia and New Zealand, respectively.

In the previous update, we also promised the annual analysis of bloodlines. It's a great pleasure for us to announce we're getting towards the end with more than 60 pages of staggering numbers and comments! We're still not sure of publishing date due to necessary final checks, but we're drawing near to it quickly.

The Horse-Racing Library team

2nd January 2019

The racing world entered both the new year and the new racing seasons. We have a busy start, as we closed the 2018 racing seasons, and we updated racing calendars for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Brazil, as we promised a few weeks ago.

More importantly, we could finally start processing of data for the annual statistical analysis of sirelines. We can't promise the publishing date yet, but as the analysis is going to include 14 countries worldwide and hundreds of grade or group winners, it should be worth waiting for it for a while :) We'll do our best to finish it no later than in the upcoming weeks.

We wish all our readers good luck in whatever activities in this wonderful sport they are involved, and we hope our website will continue to help and please them. :)

The Horse-Racing Library team

19th November 2018

A few weeks ago we quietly entered the second year of our existence. It's too soon to recap anything, but we have to admit one thing: we learned a lot from the previous year, and we had to change our approach to some aspects of our work.

Even though we want to keep the current division of the website and to continue working on all types of materials here, our priority for the next year lies somewhere else: in the analysis of modern thoroughbred bloodlines in the 'Various' section.

It emerged as a natural way of development, rather than the intentional decision. First of all, we weren't satisfied with the concept of the last year's analysis. Although the statistical results were fascinating and the feedback from our readers was positive, we missed more detailed data about the particular sirelines. And what is more important, our readers missed them too. However, we had no immediate idea of how to make it better. And with the beginning of the 2018 racing season, we had to concentrate on our standard work. The bloodlines' analysis fell out of our radar.

During the season we kept improving several sections of this website. We considerably broadened a range of grade races' results across the world, and we also managed to develop a more suitable form of timelines of the particular sirelines. We kept its graphical outlook, but we added corresponding data files, which seems to be a powerful combination for researchers. And in the summer of 2018, we finally began the preliminary processing of statistical data for this year's analysis. Using our experience from the last year, we were able to improve it too, to make it even more detailed. But this was also the exact point when we realized that this time, the accompanying descriptions of sirelines are going to be necessary.

But we already had our new timelines. Soon we found out that by using them we will able to create profiles of particular sirelines in a reasonable amount of time. Everything finally locked into the right place. We had the statistical core, the descriptions of sirelines with the appropriate discussion on its choice, and the supporting data files for further studying.

This concept will take a lot of time, but we sincerely believe it's worth realization. And because it makes little sense to publish the analysis without profiles or with only a few of them, we decided to prefer it to other sections of the website. For more details on this work see this new section "Analysis of the Bloodlines,' where we already published the introduction to the whole project, as well as the first three profiles.

However, it doesn't mean we will stop all other work, and we didn't do it this autumn either. We finally finished Seattle Slew's profile in the 'Sires' section, and we added several new articles into the 'National' section. We published profiles of Japanese racetracks and the lists of the JRA Awards winners, including a list of sires with their award-winning progeny. We also considerably updated Japanese racing calendar, as well as all European ones; several others are being prepared for the complete update at the end of the season. And finally, the lists of leading sires expanded too, this time with champion sires of Germany and Argentina, including the top 20 rankings for the Argentinian sires in the past 20 years.

With the Breeders' Cup and the Cartier Awards already behind us, it's safe to say we all can look forward to a lot of winter reading.

19th June 2018

With this year's Belmont Stakes finally behind us, we, of course, had to add Justify as the 13th Triple Crown winner into our article about the U.S. Triple Crown and its tables. Congratulations to Justify and the whole team!

Another major change, which took place continuously during past several weeks, is publishing of complete G1 and G2 results for South Africa and South American countries. Our readers can consider this the very first indication of how seriously we take a future article about thoroughbred bloodlines of 2018.

And in connection with this upgrade, we also made complete graded racing calendars for these countries which means G1, G2, and G3 races for all South American countries, and G1 and G2 races for South Africa.
Calendars for Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay constitute of actual racing dates for the 2018 season.

10th April 2018

We've made several - maybe not so small - improvements. First of all, New Zealand stakes results now contain also G2 races, for both the 2017 and 2018 season.

We also moved forward with the JRA Hall of Fame with inductees from the first half of the 1990s: Kodama, Maruzensky, Meiji Hikari, Speed Symboli, Ten Point, Oguri Cap, Mejiro McQueen and Tokai Teio.

And last, but not least: the work on the St. Simon's timeline is nearly complete. As well as the previously published lines, it seems to be a fascinating read, and we'll do our best to publish it as soon as possible. We didn't forget about the Seattle Slew's unfinished profile either, and we can promise it will grow longer with the next update too. :)

1st March 2018

Although we have only a limited amount of time to work now, we try to write new materials, and this one's certainly worth it: a full profile of Seattle Slew, including pedigree comments, complete progeny list, and timelines of his descendants. Only text comments describing his progeny are incomplete so far, but we'll do our best to add them continuously.

11th January 2018

We welcome you in the new year, and we wish you - and all your thoroughbred stars and favourites - only the good luck in 2018.

We had a really long pause here, but we also did a lot of work :) We finished or updated almost every article, and we added a lot of new ones, so... just search through the website to see what's new. :)

If we can recommend something - don't miss the full profile of Northern Dancer, it's an amazing thing. The article about Darley Arabian's line up to 1850 was completed, and it has its first sequels, including St. Simon. Although there are only schemes so far, they are certainly worth reading, as well as other materials in the Various section.

One of the brand new things there are stallion timelines - and you can choose, Teddy in the United States, Ribot in Europe, or details about Nasrullah's branches? Or the comparison of lines in the United States? :) Actually, we can't describe how happy we are that this our little idea works, and we hope you'll enjoy the timelines as much as we do! :)

And finally, there's a lot of new national materials, including the Eclipse Awards and the U.S. Hall of Fame, British and American leading sires, and the American Triple Crown stories.

And well, of course - we also started the 2018 graded stakes results.

Why so many new materials? We simply needed to fill this website. We will continue in a more sustainable tempo. :) For now, enjoy the reading. :)

27th November 2017

We published our first big article: the analysis of Thoroughbred bloodlines of G1 winners in 2017 - or its small screens version (900px or less). Enjoy!

The regular update of international results brings the Clark Handicap and the Hollywood Derby, the Railway Stakes and also the Japan Cup, among others.

5th November 2017

The Breeders' Cup World Championships special page with complete results of all Breeders' Cup races, and with statistics of starters, trainers, jockeys and sires!

7th October 2017

After months of work, we're proud to launch this project!

First of all, we would like to welcome you here, and of course, we would like to guide you through this website before you continue your first visit.

The Index page is going to serve as a quick announcer of new content, which was just added.

The Sires section contains profiles of thoroughbred stallions, focused especially on their pedigree and stud career - for the first time with as complete information about their progeny as possible. The same applies for thoroughbred mares' families profiles, which contain extensive schemes of families, including their members' major achievements.

The People section will include step-by-step built-up biographies of great jockeys, trainers, or breeders - with extensive factual part and horses' biographies.

The National section will contain various materials about national horse-racing in all important countries, including national calendars of major races, profiles of racetracks and studs, and lots of "fans'" information like Triple Crown winners, Hall of Fame members, and lists of champions.

The History section will contain technical results of G1 and G2 races for major countries. We start with 2017 season, but we want to go back into history as far as possible.

In the Various section, we will publish all other materials especially about thoroughbred breeding. Starting with general sirelines' overview and imported stallions and mares; the genetics of the grey colour will follow soon.

And finally, for brief information on who's running this project and what are our goals, you can read the About Us section. Our contact information is included, although we will be happy if you use our Facebook page as well.

We hope you'll enjoy this thoroughbred fans' and researchers' space, which we are trying to create. :)

Our personal P.S.

This project is created and run by a small non-profit, non-governmental organization, and is currently financed only by its founders.
If you like this website, please, consider supporting us, so we can keep this website running. Thank you!