United States' graded racing calendar

Updated: 28th May 2018

The following table contains all graded races currently held in the United States. Please note that the particular dates can vary, especially at the turns of the months, December / January included.
G3 races are included only concisely - with the exception of classic trials.

Colour distinction:

Aqu - Aqueduct, ArlP - Arlington Park, BelP - Belmont Park, CharT - Charles Town, ChD - Churchill Downs, CRC/GuPW - Calder Race Course / Gulfstream Park West, DelD - Delta Downs, DelM - Del Mar, DelP - Delaware Park, EllP - Ellis Park, EmD - Emerald Downs, FaG - Fair Grounds, GG - Golden Gate Fields, GuP - Gulfstream Park, Kee - Keeneland, KenD - Kentucky Downs, LAl - Los Alamitos, Lau - Laurel Park, LSP - Lone Star Park, LouD - Louisiana Downs, MoP - Monmouth Park OaP - Oaklawn Park, PenN - Pen National, Pim - Pimlico, PrM - Prairie Meadows, RemP - Remington Park, SA - Santa Anita, SaH - Sam Houston, Sar - Saratoga, TamB - Tampa Bay, TuP - Turfway Park

JanuaryG2Santa Ynez StakesSanta Anita6.5 furlongsd3f
Midnight Lute Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 4yo+, SA
JanuaryG2San Gabriel StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milest4+
JanuaryG3Hutcheson StakesGulfstream Park6 furlongsd3March 2018
Old Hat Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yof, GuP
Dania Beach Stakes, G3, 7.5f, 3yo, GuP turf
JanuaryG3Jerome StakesAqueduct1 1/16 milesd3
JanuaryG3Sham StakesSanta Anita1 miled3classic trial
Marshua's River Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, GuP turf
Hal's Hope Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, GuP
JanuaryG2Ft. Lauderdale StakesGulfstream Park1 1/16 milest4+
JanuaryG2San Pasqual StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd4+
JanuaryG2La Canada StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd4+f
Colonel E.R. Bradley Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+, FaG turf
JanuaryG3Lecomte StakesFair Grounds1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
Megahertz Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+f, SA turf
JanuaryG2Santa Monica StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd4+fMarch 2018
JanuaryG3Forward Gal StakesGulfstream Park7 furlongsd3f
JanuaryG3Swale StakesGulfstream Park7 furlongsd3classic trial
Sweetest Chant Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, GuP turf
JanuaryG2Holy Bull StakesGulfstream Park1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
JanuaryG3Withers StakesAqueduct1 1/16 milesd3
Toboggan Stakes, G3, 6f, 4yo+, Aq
John B. Conally Turf Cup Stakes G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, SaH turf
Houston Ladies Classic, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, SaH
JanuaryG1Pegasus World Cup Invitational StakesGulfstream Park1 1/8 milesd4+
FebruaryG3Robert B. Lewis StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
FebruaryG2Las Virgenes StakesSanta Anita1 miled3f
FebruaryG2San Antonio StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milesd4+
FebruaryG2San Marcos StakesSanta Anita1 1/4 milest4+
Fred W. Hooper Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, GuP
Suwanee River Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+f, GuP turf
FebruaryG1Gulfstream Park Turf HandicapGulfstream Park1 1/8 milest4+
FebruaryG1Donn HandicapGulfstream Park1 1/8 milesd4+replaced by the Pegasus World Cup since 2017
FebruaryG2Palos Verdes StakesSanta Anita6 furlongsd4+
Sam F. Davis Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, TamB
Endeavour Stakes G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, TamB turf
Tampa Bay Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+, TamB turf
FebruaryG2Arcadia StakesSanta Anita1 milet4+
FebruaryG2Santa Maria StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd4+f
FebruaryG2Barbara Fritchie HandicaoLaurel Park7 furlongsd4+f
Royal Delta Stakes G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, GuP
El Camino Real Derby G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, GGF tt
Bayakoa Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, OaP
FebruaryG2San Vicente StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd3classic trial
FebruaryG3Southwest StakesOaklawn Park1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
General George Stakes, G3, 7f, 4yo+, Lau
FebruaryG2Buena Vista StakesSanta Anita1 milet4+f
Mineshaft Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+, FaG
FebruaryG2Rachel Alexandra StakesFair Grounds1 1/16 milesd3finaug. 1982, ex Davona Dale Stakes, 2001 - 2010 Silverbulletday Stakes
Fair Grounds Handicap G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+, FaG turf
FebruaryG2Risen Star StakesFair Grounds1 1/16 milesd3
Gulfstream Park Sprint Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+, GuP
FebruaryG2Davona Dale StakesGulfstream Park1 miled3finaug. 1988
Herecomesthebride Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, GuP turf
Canadian Turf Stakes G3, 1m, 4yo+, GuP turf
Palm Beach Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, GuP turf
FebruaryG2Fountain of Youth StakesGulfstream Park1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
Santa Ysabel Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, SA
The Very One Stakes G3, 1 3/16m, 4yo+f, GuP turf
MarchG2Gulfstream Park HandicapGulfstream Park1 miled4+
MarchG2Mac Diarmida StakesGulfstream Park1 3/8 milest4+
MarchG3Gotham StakesAqueduct1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
Florida Oaks G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, TamB turf
MarchG2Hillsborough StakesTampa Bay Downs1 1/8 milest4+f
MarchG2Tampa Bay DerbyTampa Bay Downs1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
MarchG1Triple Bend StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd3+
MarchG1Frank E. Kilroe Mile StakesSanta Anita1 milet4+
MarchG2San Felipe StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
MarchG2San Carlos StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd4+
Honeybee Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, OaP
Tom Fool Handicap, G3, 6f, 4yo+, Aqu
MarchG1Santa Anita HandicapSanta Anita1 1/4 milesd4+
MarchG2San Luis Rey StakesSanta Anita1 1/4 milest4+
MarchG1Santa Margarita StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milesd4+f
MarchG2Azeri StakesOaklawn Park1 1/16 milesd4+fex Oaklawn BC Stakes until 2005
Razorback Handicap G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+, OaP
MarchG2Rebel StakesOaklawn Park1 1/16 milesd3classic trial
MarchG2Inside Information StakesGulfstream Park7 furlongsd3+fex Shirley Jones Handicap until 2009
Las Flores Stakes G3, 6f, 4yo+f, SA
MarchG2Santa Ana StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milest4+f
MarchG2New Orleans HandicapFair Grounds1 1/8 milesd4+
MarchG2Muniz Memorial HandicapFair Grounds1 1/8 milest4+
MarchG2Fair Grounds OaksFair Grounds1 1/16 milesd3f
MarchG2Louisiana DerbyFair Grounds1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
Bourbonettte Oaks, G3, 1m, 3yof, TuP pt
AprilG3Spiral StakesTurfay Park1 1/8 milesp3classic trial
San Simeon Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 4yo+, SA turf
Skip Away Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+, GuP
AprilG2Gulfstream Park Mile StakesGulfstream Park1 miled4+
AprilG2Gulfstream Park OaksGulfstream Park1 1/16 milesd3f
Appleton Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, GuP turf
Orchid Stakes, G3, 1 3/8m, 4yo+f, GuP turf
Honey Fox Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+f, GuP turf
AprilG2Pan American StakesGulfstream Park1 1/2 milest4+
AprilG1Florida DerbyGulfstream Park1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
Tokyo City Cup Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, SA
Transylvania Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, Kee turf
AprilG2Royal Heroine StakesSanta Anita1 milet4+f
AprilG1Santa Anita OaksSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd3f
AprilG1Santa Anita DerbySanta Anita1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
Thunder Road Stakes G3, 1m, 4yo+, SA turf
Fantasy Stakes G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, OaP
AprilG1Ashland StakesKeeneland1 1/16 milesd3f
Commonwealth Stakes, G3, 7f, 4yo+, Kee
AprilG2Shakertown StakesKeeneland5.5 furlongst3+
AprilG1Madison StakesKeeneland7 furlongsd4+f
AprilG1Blue Grass StakesKeeneland1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
Excelsior Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, Kee
AprilG2Gazelle StakesAqueduct1 1/8 milesd3f
Bay Shore Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, Aqu
AprilG1Wood MemorialAqueduct1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
AprilG1Carter HandicapAqueduct7 furlongsd4+
Las Cienegas Stakes G3, 6.5f, 4yo+f, SA
AprilG3San Juan Capistrano StakesSanta Anita1 7/8 milest4+
AprilG2Californian StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milesd3+
Santa Barbara Stakes G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+f, SA
Count Fleet Sprint Handicap G3, 6f, 3yo+, OaP
Top Flight Invitational Handicap, G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+f, Aqu
Apalachian Stakes G3, 1m, 3yof, Kee turf
AprilG1Apple Blossom HandicapOaklawn Park1 1/16 milesd4+f
AprilG1Maker's 46 Mile StakesKeeneland1 milet4+
AprilG2Oaklawn HandicapOaklawn Park1 1/8 milesd4+
Los Angeles Stakes G3, 5.5f, 3yo+, LAl
Ben Ali Stakes G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+, Kee
Lexington Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, Kee
AprilG1Jenny Wiley StakesKeeneland1 1/16 milest4+f
AprilG1Arkansas DerbyOaklawn Park1 1/8 milesd3classic trial
Beaumont Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, Kee
Distaff Handicap, G3, 7f, 4yo+f, Aqu
Doubledogdare Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, Kee
AprilG2Elkhorn StakesKeeneland1 1/2 milest4+
AprilG2Kona Gold StakesSanta Anita6.5 furlongsd4+
AprilG2Charles Town Classic StakesCharles Town1 1/8 milesd4+
AprilG2Great Lady M StakesLos Alamitos6.5 furlongsd3+f
Bewitch Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+f, Kee turf
Miami Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, GuP turf
San Francisco Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, GGF turf
MayG1La Troienne StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milesd4+fKentucky Oaks undercard
MayG2Eight Belles StakesChurchill Downs7 furlongsd3fKentucky Oaks undercard
Turf Sprint Stakes G3, 5f, 3yo+, ChD turfKentucky Oaks undercard
MayG2Alysheba StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milesd4+Kentucky Oaks undercard
Edgewood Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, ChD turfKentucky Oaks undercard
MayG1Kentucky OaksChurchill Downs1 1/8 milesd3f
Texas Mile Stakes G3, 1m, 3yo+, LSP
MayG2Distaff Turf Mile StakesChurchill Downs1 milet4+fKentucky Derby undercard
MayG2Churchill Downs StakesChurchill Downs7 furlongsd4+Kentucky Derby undercard
MayG1Humana Distaff StakesChurchill Downs7 furlongsd4+fKentucky Derby undercard
MayG2American Turf StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milest3Kentucky Derby undercard
Pat Day Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, ChDKentucky Derby undercard
MayG1Turf Classic StakesChurchill Downs1 1/8 milest4+Kentucky Derby undercard
MayG1Kentucky DerbyChurchill Downs1 1/4 milesd31. leg of the Triple Crown
Westchester Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, BelP
Fort Marcy Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 4yo+, BelP turf
MayG2Sheepshead Bay StakesBelmont Park1 3/8 milest4+f
Senorita Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, SA turf
Adoration Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, SA
MayG2Ruffian StakesBelmont Park1 miled4+fMan O'War undercard
Beaugay Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 4yo+f, BelP turfMan O'War undercard
MayG2Peter Pan StakesBelmont Park1 1/8 milesd3Man O'War undercard
MayG1Man O'War StakesBelmont Park1 3/8 milest4
Lazaro Barrera Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, SA
Pimlico Special Stakes G3, 1 3/16m, 3yo+, PimBlack-Eyed Susan undercard
Allaire DuPont Distaff Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, PimBlack-Eyed Susan undercard
MayG2Black-Eyed Susan StakesPimlico1 1/8 milesd3f
Miss Preakness Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yof, PimBlack-Eyed Susan undercard
Maryland Sprint Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, PimPreakness undercard
Gallorette Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, Pim turfPreakness undercard
MayG2Dixie StakesPimlico1 1/16 milest3+Preakness undercard
MayG1Preakness StakesPimlico1 3/16 milesd32. leg of the Triple Crown
Louisville Handicap, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, ChD turf
Vagrancy Handicap, G3, 6.5f, 4yo+f, BelP
Soaring Softly Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, BelP
Hanshin Cup Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, ArlP poly
Winning Colors Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+f, ChD
Arlington Matron Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+f, ArlP poly
Arlington Classic Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, ArlP turf
MayG2Charles Whittingham StakesSanta Anita1 1/4 milest3+
MayG1Gamely StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milest3+f
MayG1Gold Cup at Santa AnitaSanta Anita1 1/4 milesd3+ex Hollywood Gold Cup, switched to Santa Anita after the closure of Hollywood Park
Salvator Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, MoP
MayG2Monmouth StakesMonmouth Park1 1/8 milest3+
MayG1Shoemaker Mile StakesSanta Anita1 milet3+
Desert Stormer Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+f, SA
MayG2Monrovia StakesSanta Anita6.5 furlongst4+f
Lone Star Park Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, LSP
All American Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, GGF tap
Aristides Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, ChD
Pennine Ridge Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, BelP turf
JuneG1Beholder MileSanta Anita1 miled3+fex Vanity Stakes until 2017
Penn Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, PenN turf
Intercontinental Stakes, G3, 7f, 4yo+f, BelP turf
Wonder Again Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, BelP turf
Red Bank Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, MoP turf
Bed o' Roses Invitational Handicap, G3, 7f, 4yo+f, BelP
JuneG2True North StakesBelmont Park6 furlongsd4+
JuneG2New York StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milest4+f
JuneG2Belmont Gold Cup Invitational StakesBelmont Park2 milest4+
JuneG1Ogden Phipps StakesBelmont Park1 1/16 milesd4+fBelmont undercard
JuneG1Acorn StakesBelmont Park1 miled3fBelmont undercard
JuneG2Brooklyn Invitational StakesBelmont Park1 1/2 milesd4+Belmont undercard
JuneG2Jaipur Invitational StakesBelmont Park6 furlongst4+Belmont undercard
JuneG2Woody Stephens StakesBelmont Park7 furlongsd3Belmont undercard
JuneG1Just a Game StakesBelmont Park1 milet4+fBelmont undercard
JuneG1Metropolitan HandicapBelmont Park1 miled3+Belmont undercard
JuneG1Manhattan StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milest4+Belmont undercard
JuneG1Belmont StakesBelmont Park1 1/2 milesd33. leg of the Triple Crown
Mint Julep Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, ChD turf
JuneG2Honeymoon StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milest3f
Poker Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, BelP turf
JuneG2Summertime OaksSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd3f
Pegasus Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, MoP
Matt Winn Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, ChDStephen Foster undercard
JuneG2Fleur de Lis HandicapChurchill Downs1 1/8 milesd3+fStephen Foster undercard
JuneG2Wise Dan StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milest3+Stephen Foster undercard
JuneG1Stephen Foster HandicapChurchill Downs1 1/8 milesd3+
Regret Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, ChD turfStephen Foster undercard
Eatontown Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, MoP turf
Chicago Handicap, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, ArlP poly
Iowa Oaks G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, PrM
Affirmed Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, SA
Iowa Derby, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, PrM
Cornhusker Handicap, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, PrM
Carry Back Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, GuP
JulyG2Smile Sprint StakesGulfstream Park6 furlongsd3+
JulyG2Princess Rooney StakesGulfstream Park7 furlongsd3+f
JulyG1Mother Goose StakesBelmont Park1 1/16 milesd3f
JulyG1United Nations StakesMonmouth Park1 3/8 milest3+
Bashford Manor Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, ChD
Dr. James Penny Memorial Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, Parx turf
Parx Dash Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Parx turf
Robert G. Dick Memorial Stakes G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+f, DelP turf
Delaware Oaks, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, DelP
Victory Ride Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yof, BelPBelmont Derby undercard
Dwyer Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, BelPBelmont Derby undercard
JulyG1Belmont Derby Invitational StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milest3
JulyG2Suburban HandicapBelmont Park1 1/4 milesd4+Belmont Derby undercard
JulyG1Belmont Oaks Invitational StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milest3fBelmont Derby undercard
Belmont Sprint Championship Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, BelPBelmont Derby undercard
Modesty Handicap, G3, 1 3/16m, 3yo+f, ArlP turf
Stars And Stripes Handicap, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, ArlP turf
Arlington Handicap, G3, 1 3/16m, 3yo+, ArlP turf
American Derby Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, ArlP turf
JulyG1Delaware HandicapDelaware Park1 1/4 milesd3+f
Kent Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, DelP turf
JulyG2Indiana OaksIndiana Grand1 1/16 milesd3f
JulyG2Indiana DerbyIndiana Grand1 1/16 milesd3
JulyG2Yellow Ribbon StakesDel Mar1 1/16 milest3+f
JulyG2Eddie Read StakesDel Mar1 1/8 milest3+
Schuylerville Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Sar
JulyG2Lake George StakesSaratoga1 1/16 milest3f
Sanford Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, Sar
JulyG1Diana StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milest3+f
Jersey Shore Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, MoP
JulyG1Coaching Club American OaksSaratoga1 1/8 milesd3f
Boiling Springs Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, MoP turf
JulyG2San Clemente HandicapDel Mar1 milet3f
JulyG2San Diego HandicapDel Mar1 1/16 milesd3+
Cougar II. Handicap, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, DelM
JulyG2Honorable Miss StakesSaratoga6 furlongsd3+
JulyG2Amsterdam StakesSaratoga6.5 furlongsd3Jim Dandy undercard
JulyG2Bowling Green StakesSaratoga1 3/8 milest4+Jim Dandy undercard
JulyG1Alfred G. Vanderbilt StakesSaratoga6 furlongsd3+Jim Dandy undercard
JulyG2Jim Dandy StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milesd3
Shuvee Handicap, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+f, Sar
JulyG2Monmouth Cup StakesMonmouth Park1 1/16 milesd3+Haskell undercard
Oceanport Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, MoP turfHaskell undercard
Molly Pitcher Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, MoPHaskell undercard
Matchmaker Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, MoP turfHaskell undercard
JulyG1Haskell Invitational HandicapMonmouth Park1 1/8 milesd3
JulyG1Clement L. Hirsch StakesDel Mar1 1/16 milesd3+f
AugustG1Bing Crosby Stakes G16fd3+
AugustG2National Museum of Racing Hall of FameSaratoga1 1/16 milest3
AugustG1Test StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd3f
Waya Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+f, Sar turf
AugustG1Whitney StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milesd3+
AugustG2West Virginia DerbyMountaineer Park1 1/8 milesd3
Groupie Doll Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, EllP
AugustG2Sorrento StakesDel Mar6.5 furlongsd2f
La Jolla Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, DelM turf
American St. Leger Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, ArlP turfArlington Million undercard
AugustG1Secretariat StakesArlington Park1 1/4 milest3Arlington Million undercard
AugustG1Beverly D. StakesArlington Park1 3/16 milest3+fArlington Million undercard
AugustG1Arlington MillionArlington Park1 1/4 milest3+
Pucker Up Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, ArlP turfArlington Million undercard
AugustG2Saratoga SpecialSaratoga6.5 furlongsd2
AugustG2Best Pal StakesDel Mar6.5 furlongsd2
Longacres Mile Handicap, G3, 1m, 3yo+, EmD
Rancho Bernardo Handicap, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+f, DelM
AugustG2Adirondack StakesSaratoga6.5 furlongsd2f
AugustG1Fourstardave HandicapSanta Anita1 milet3+
AugustG1Alabama StakesSaratoga1 1/4 milesd3f
Monmouth Oaks, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, MoP
AugustG2Lake Placid StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milest3f
Cliff Hanger Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, MoP turf
AugustG1Del Mar OaksDel Mar1 1/8 milest3fPacific Classic undercard
AugustG2Del Mar HandicapDel Mar1 3/8 milest3+Pacific Classic undercard
AugustG1Pacific ClassicDel Mar1 1/4 milesd3+
AugustG2Del Mar Mile HandicapDel Mar1 milet3+Pacific Classic undercard
AugustG1Personal Ensign StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milesd3+fTravers undercard
AugustG1Ballerina StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd3+fTravers undercard
AugustG1H. Allen Jerkens Memorial StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd3Travers undercard; ex King's Bishop Stakes until 2016
AugustG1Forego StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd3+Travers undercard
AugustG1Sword Dancer StakesSaratoga1 1/2 milest3+Travers undercard
AugustG1Travers StakesSaratoga1 1/4 milesd3
AugustG2Ballston Spa StakesSaratoga1 1/16 milest3+fTravers undercard
Philip H. Iselin Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, MoP
AugustG2Pat O'Brien StakesDel Mar7 furlongsd3
Torrey Pines Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, DelM
AugustG2With Anticipation StakesSaratoga1 1/16 milest2
Saranac Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, Sar turf
SeptemberG1Spinaway StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd2f
SeptemberG1Woodward StakesSaratoga1 1/8 milesd3+
Glen Falls Stakes, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+f, Sar turf
SeptemberG2Prioress StakesSaratoga6 furlongsd3f
SeptemberG1Del Mar Debutante StakesDel Mar7 furlongsd2f
SeptemberG2Bernard Baruch HandicapSaratoga1 1/16 milest3+
SeptemberG1Hopeful StakesSaratoga7 furlongsd2
Greenwood Cup Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Parx
Turf Monster Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Parx turf
Smarty Jones Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, Parx
SeptemberG2John C. Mabee StakesDel Mar1 1/8 milest3+f
SeptemberG2Del Mar DerbyDel Mar1 1/8 milest3
SeptemberG1Del Mar FuturityDel Mar7 furlongsd2
Violet Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+f, MoP turf
Super Derby, G3, 1 1/18m, 3yo, LouD
Kentucky Turf Cup Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, KenD
Arlington-Washington Futurity, G3, 7f, 2yo, ArlP poly
Locust Grove Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, ChD
Iroquois Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yo, ChD
SeptemberG2Pocahontas StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milesd2f
SeptemberG2Sands Point StakesBelmont Park1 1/8 milest3f
Charles Town Oaks Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, CharT
SeptemberG2Presque Isle Downs, Masters StakesPresque Isle6.5 furlongstap3+f
Gallant Bob Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, Parx
SeptemberG1Cotillion StakesParx1 1/16 milesd3f
SeptemberG2Pennsylvania DerbyParx1 1/8 milesd3
Commonwealth Oaks, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, LauP turf
SeptemberG2Commonwealth Turf Cup StakesLaurel Park1 milet3+
SeptemberG2Commonwealth DerbyLaurel Park1 1/8 milest3
Noble Damsel Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, BelP turf
SeptemberG2Los Alamitos DerbyLos Alamitos1 1/8 milesd3
Oklahoma Derby, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, RemP
Eddie D. Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+, SA turf
OctoberG1FrontRunner StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd2ex Norfolk Stakes until 2011
OctoberG1Awesome Again StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milesd3+ex Goodwood BC Handicap until 2011
OctoberG1Rodeo Drive StakesSanta Anita1 1/4 milest3+fex Yellow Ribbon Stakes
Ack Ack Handicap, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Chd
OctoberG1Joe Hirsch Turf Classic StakesBelmont Park1 1/2 milest3+Beldame undercard
OctoberG2Gallant Bloom HandicapBelmont Park6.5 furlongsd3+fBeldame undercard
Pilgrim Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yo, BelP turfBeldame undercard
OctoberG1Vosburgh StakesBelmont Park6 furlongsd3+Beldame undercard
OctoberG1Beldame StakesBelmont Park1 1/8 milesd3+f
OctoberG1Zenyatta StakesSanta Anita1 1/8 milesd3+fex Lady's Secret BC Handicap until 2011
OctoberG1Chandelier StakesSanta Anita1 1/16 milesd2fex Oak Leaf Stakes until 2011
OctoberG2John Henry Turf ChampionshipSanta Anita1 1/4 milest3+
Miss Grillo Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yof, BelP turf
OctoberG2Phoenix StakesKeeneland6 furlongsd3+
OctoberG1Alcibiades StakesKeeneland1 1/16 milesd2f
OctoberG1Santa Anita Sprint Championship StakesSanta Anita6 furlongsd3+ex Ancient Title BC Stakes until 2011
OctoberG2City of Hope Mile StakesSanta Anita1 milet3+ex Oak Tree BC Mile, renamed 2013
Woodford Stakes, G3, 5.5f, 3yo+, KeeShadwel Mile undercard
OctoberG2Thoroughbred Club of America StakesKeeneland6 furlongsd3+fShadwel Mile undercard
OctoberG1First Lady StakesKeeneland1 milet3+fShadwel Mile undercard, ex Galaxy Stakes 2000 - 2005
OctoberG1Breeders' Futurity StakesKeeneland1 1/16 milesd2Shadwel Mile undercard
OctoberG1Shadwell Turf Mile StakesKeeneland1 milet3+
OctoberG1Frizette StakesBelmont Park1 miled2fJCGC undercard
OctoberG2Kelso HandicapBelmont Park1 miled3+JCGC undercard
OctoberG1Flower Bowl StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milest3+fJCGC undercard
OctoberG1Champagne StakesBelmont Park1 miled2JCGC undercard
Hill Prince Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, BelP turfJCGC undercard
OctoberG1Jockey Club Gold Cup StakesBelmont Park1 1/4 milesd3+
L.A. Woman Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+f, SA
Dixiana Bourbon Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yo, Kee turf
OctoberG1Spinster StakesKeeneland1 1/8 milesd3+f
Knickerbocker Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, BelP turf
Jessamine Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yof, Kee turf
Franklin County Stakes, G3, 5.5f, 3yo+f, Kee turf
OctoberG1Queen Elizabeth II. Challenge Cup StakesKeeneland1 1/8 milest3f
Futurity Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, BelP
Matron Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, BelP
Sycamore Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Kee turf
Valley View Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yof, Kee turf
OctoberG2Raven Run StakesKeeneland7 furlongsd3f
Dowager Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+f, Kee turf
Athenia Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, BelP turf
Autumn Miss Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, SA turf
OctoberG2Fayette StakesKeeneland1 1/8 milesd3+
Turnback the Alarm Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, BelP
Bold Ruler Handicap, G3, 7f, 3yo+, BelP
NovemberG2Nashua StakesAqueduct1 miled2
NovemberG2Marchathon Stakesvarious1 3/8 milesd3+Breeders' Cup, day 1
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turfvarious1 milet2Breeders' Cup, day 1
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Dirt Milevarious1 miled3+Breeders' Cup, day 1
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turfvarious1 milet2fBreeders' Cup, day 1
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Distaffvarious1 1/8 milesd3+fBreeders' Cup, day 1
NovemberG2Twilight DerbySanta Anita1 1/8 milest3ex Volante Handicap, Oak Tree Derby
Senator Ken Maddy Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+f, SA turfex Autumn Days Handicap
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Juvenile Filliesvarious1 1/16 milesd2fBreeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turfvarious1 1/8 milest3+fBreeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Sprintvarious6 furlongsd3+Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Turf Sprintvarious6.5 furlongst3+Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Juvenilevarious1 1/16 milesd2Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Turfvarious1 1/2 milest3+Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Sprintvarious7 furlongsd3+fBreeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Milevarious1 miled3+Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG1Breeders' Cup Classicvarious1 1/4 milesd3+Breeders' Cup, day 2
NovemberG2Chilukki StakesChurchill Downs1 miled3+f
Tempted Stakes, G3, 1m, 2yof, Aqu
NovemberG2Goldikova StakesSanta Anita1 milet3+fex Las Palmas Handicap until 2011
Long Island Handicap, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yof+, Aqu turf
Commonwealth Turf Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo, ChD turf
Red Smith Handicap, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+, Aqu turf
Discovery Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo, Aqu
Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash Stakes G3, 6f, 3yo+, LauP
Delta Downs Princess Stakes G3, 1m, 2yof, DelD
Delta Downs Jackpot Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 2yo, DelD
Bob Hope Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yo, Del Mar
Cardinal Handicap, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+f, ChD turf
Red Carpet Handicap, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+f, DelM turf
NovemberG2Falls City HandicapChurchill Downs1 1/8 milesd3+f
River City Handicap, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, ChD turf
Fall Highweight Handicap, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Aqu
NovemberG2Hollywood Turf Cup StakesDel Mar1 1/2 milest3+
NovemberG2Mrs. Revere StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milest3f
NovemberG1Clark HandicapChurchill Downs1 1/8 milesd3+
My Charmer Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, CRC/GuPW turf
Tropical Turf Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, CRC/GuPW turf
Berkeley Handicap, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, GGF tap
Jimmy Durante Stakes, G3, 1m, 2yof, DelM turf
NovemberG2Seabiscuit HandicapDel Mar1 1/16 milest3+
NovemberG2Golden Rod StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milesd2f
NovemberG2Kentucky Jockey Club StakesChurchill Downs1 1/16 milesd2
Comely Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, Aqu
NovemberG2Demoiselle StakesAqueduct1 1/8 milesd2fCigar Mile undercard
NovemberG2Remsen StakesAqueduct1 1/8 milesd2Cigar Mile undercard
NovemberG1Cigar Mile HandicapAqueduct1 miled3+
Cecil B. Demille Stakes, G3, 1m, 2yo, DelM
Native Diver Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, DelM
DecemberG2Bayakoa HandicapDel Mar1 1/16 milesd3+f
DecemberG1Hollywood DerbyDel Mar1 1/8 milest3
Go For Wand Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, Aqu
DecemberG1Matriarch StakesDel Mar1 milet3+f
DecemberG1CashCall FuturityLos Alamitos1 1/16 milesd2
DecemberG1Starlet StakesLos Alamitos1 1/16 milesd2f
Sugar Swirl Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+f, GuP
Rampart Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, GuP
Harlan's Holiday Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, GuP
San Simeon Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+, SA turfMalibu undercard
DecemberG1La Brea StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd3fMalibu undercard
DecemberG1Malibu StakesSanta Anita7 furlongsd3
DecemberG2Mathis Brothers Mile StakesSanta Anita1 milet3Malibu undercard; ex Sir Beaufort Stakes until 2013
Midnight Lute Stakes, G3, 6.5f, 3yo+, SA
DecemberG1American OaksSanta Anita1 1/8 milest3f