New Zealand's graded racing calendar

Updated: 2nd January 2019

The following table contains all grade races, and newly also listed races, which are currently held in New Zealand. However, a sequence of races can vary in different seasons.

Like in Australia, New Zealand's racing season lasts from August to April too. The New Zealand Guineas take place in November and the New Zealand Derby and Oaks in March. We keep traditional structure starting with January, which is homogenous with our other calendars.

The surface for all races is turf.

Colour distinction:

Ara - Arawa Park, Asc - Ascot Park, Ara - Arawa, Ash - Ashburton, Awa - Awapuni, Ell - Ellerslie, Has - Hastings, Haw - Hawera, Ota - Otaki, Otg - Otago, Puk - Pukehoke Park, Ricc - Riccarton Park, Riv - Riverton, Rua - Ruakaka, StC - South Canterbury, Tah - Tauheranikau, Tau - Tauranga, TeR - Te Rapa, Tre - Trentham, Wan - Wanganui, Win - Wingatui

Eclipse Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, Ell
Dec / JanG2Royal StakesEllerslie1 1/4 miles3f
Dec / JanG2Auckland GuineasEllerslie1 mile3
Dec / JanG2Championship StakesEllerslie1 5/16 miles3
Dec / JanG2Avondale CupEllerslie1 1/2 milesopen
Dec / JanG2Rich Hill MileEllerslie1 mile3+
Dec / JanG1Railway StakesEllerslie6 furlongs3+
Marton Cup, LR, 1 5/16m, 3yo+, Awa
Trentham Stakes, G3, 1 5/16m, 4yo+, Tre
JanuaryG1Levin ClassicTrentham1 mile3ex Bayer Classic
Anniversary Handicap, G3, 1m, open, Tre
JanuaryRest.Karaka Stayers CupEllerslie1 3/8 miles3+
Gore Guineas, LR, 6.5f, 3yo, Gore
JanuaryG1Thorndon MileTrentham1 mile3+or George Adams Handicap
JanuaryG1Telegraph HandicapTrentham6 furlongs3+
Desert Gold Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, Tre
Wellington Cup, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Tre
Timaru Stakes, LR, 7f, open, Ricc
Mr. Tiz Trophy, G3, 6f, 3yo, Ell
Concorde Handicap, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Ell
City of Auckland Cup, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Ell
JanuaryRest.Karaka Million 3yo ClassicEllerslie1 mile3
JanuaryG2Westbury ClassicEllerslie7 furlongs3+f
JanuaryRest.Karaka Million 2yoEllerslie6 furlongs2
Dunedin Guineas, LR, 7.5f, 3yo, Win
Dunedin Gold Cup, LR, 1 1/2m, open, Win
Robe Lodge Handicap, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Win
Phoenix Park 2yo Classic, G3, 6f, 2yo, Puk
Oaks Prelude, LR, 1 1/8m, 3yof, Puk
Taranaki Cup, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, Puk
Wairarapa Breeders' Stakes, LR, 1m, wfa, Tah
Waikato Guineas, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, TeR
FebruaryG2Sir Tristram Fillies ClassicWaikato1 1/4 miles3f
FebruaryG1Herbie Dyke StakesTe Rapa1 1/4 miles3+
FebruaryG1Waikato SprintTe Rapa7 furlongs3+run as NBM Sprint
Southland Guineas, LR, 1m, 3yo, Asc
FebruaryG2Avondale GuineasEllerslie1 5/16 miles3
FebruaryG1WFA Group One ClassicHastings1 mile3+
Matamata Slipper, G3, 6f, 2yocg, Mat
FebruaryG2Matamata Breders' StakesMatamata6 furlongs2f
Kaimai Stakes, LR, 1 1/4m, open, Mat
Lowland Stakes, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yof, Tre
Mannequin Stakes, LR, 7f, 3yof, Win
Mufhasa Staeks, LR, 6.5f, 3yo, Ell
Sunline Vase, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yof, Ell
Darley Plate, G3, 6f, 4yo+, Ell
MarchG1New Zealand DerbyEllerslie1 1/2 miles3
MarchG1Sistema StakesEllerslie6 furlongs2
MarchG1New Zealand StakesEllerslie1 1/4 miles2+
MarchG1Auckland CupEllerslie2 miles3+
New Zealand St. Leger, LR, 1 9/16m, 3+4yo, Tre
Cuddle Stakes, G3, 1m, open f, Tre
MarchG2Wellington GuineasTrentham7 furlongs3
Lightning Handicap, LR, 6f, open, Tre
MarchG1New Zealand OaksTrentham1 1/2 miles3f
South Island Breeders' Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, Ricc
MarchG2Japan / NZ International TrophyMatamata1 mile4+
Riverton Cup, LR, 1 3/8m, open, Riv
Manawatu Classic, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, Awa
AprilG1Manawatu Sires' Produce StakesAwapuni7 furlongs2
AprilG2Awapuni Gold CupAwapuni1 1/4 miles3+
Manawatu Breeders' Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, wfa, Awa
NZB Insurance Stakes, LR, 1m, 3yof, Ricc
Easter Cup, G3, 1m, open, Ricc
AprilG1NZ Thoroughbred Breeders StakesTe Aroha1 mile2+
Hawke's Bay Gold Cup, G3, 1 3/8m, Has
Warstep Stakes, LR, 1 1/4m, 3yof, Ricc
Canterbury Gold Cup, G3, 1 1/4, 3yo+, Ricc
ARC Champagne Stakes, LR, 1m, 2yo, Puk
AprilG2ARC Championship StakesPukehoke Park1 5/16 miles3
AprilG2Easter HandicapPukehoke Park1 mile2+
AprilG2Travis StakesTe Rapa1 1/4 miles3+f
Cambridge Breeders Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, TeR
CJC Champagne Stakes, LR, 6f, 2yo, Ricc
Great Easter Stakes, LR, 7f, open, Ricc
Fairview Ford Stakes, LR, 5.5f, 2yo, TeR
Rotorua Cup, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+, Ara
Rotorua Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, Ara
Marton Cup, LR, 1m, open, Awa
Castletown Stakes, LR, 6f, 2yo, Wan
Wanganui Stakes, LR, 1m, wfa, Wan
Auckland Futurity Stakes, LR, 7f, 2yo, TeR
Tauranga Classic, LR, 7f, wfa f, Tau
Opunake Cup, LR, 7f, open, Puk
Ryder Stakes, LR, 6f, 2yo, Awa
Winter Cup, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Ricc
AugustG2Foxbridge PlateTe Rapa6 furlongs3+
AugustRest.Taranaki ChallengePukeruka7 furlongsspecial conditions
SeptemberG1Tarzino TrophyHastings7 furlongs2+
Wanganui Fillies Stakes, LR, 6f, 3yof, Wan
Wanganui Guineas, LR, 6.5f, 3yo, Wan
Metric Mile, G3, 1m, 4yo+, Awa
Northlands Breeders' Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, Rua
Canterbury Belle Stakes, LR, 6f, 3yof, Ricc
Gold Trail Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yof, Has
SeptemberG1Windsor Park PlateHastings1 mile2+or Horlicks Plate
Karaka Classic, LR, 1m, open, Puk
OctoberG2Hawke's Bay GuineasHastings7 furlongs3
OctoberG1Livamol ClassicHastings1 1/4 miles3+ex Kelt Capital Stakes
Spring Sprint, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Has
Taranaki Breeders' Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Haw
Matamata Cup, LR, 1m, open, Mat
Barneswood Farm Stakes, LR, 7f, 3yo, Ash
Rotorua Challenge Plate, G3, 1 1/4m, Ara
Sweynesse Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Ara
OctoberG2Sarten MemorialTe Rapa7 furlongs3
Zacinto Stakes, LR, 1m, 3yo, Ricc
CJC Spring Classic, LR, 1 1/4m, open, Ricc
Wellesley Stakes, LR, 5f, 2yo, Tre
Thompson Handicap, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Tre
Soliloguy Stakes, LR, 7f, 3yo, Ell
Fielding Gold Cup, LR, 1 5/16m, open, Awa
OMF Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, wfa, Ell
CJC Pegasus Stakes, LR, 5f, open, Ricc
NovemberG1New Zealand 2000 GuineasRiccarton Park1 mile3
CJC Metropolitan Trophy, LR, 1 9/16m, open, Ricc
Legacy Lodge Sprint, LR, 6f, open, TeR
Canterbury Breeders Stakes, G3, 7f, opn f, Ricc
Stewards Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Ricc
NovemberG2Canterbury Bakeries MileRiccarton Park1 mile3+
Welcome Stakes, LR, 5f, 2yo, Ricc
NovemberG1New Zealand 1000 GuineasRiccarton Park1 mile3f
New Zealand Cup, G3, 2m, 3yo+, Ricc
NovemberG2Tauranga StakesTauranga1 mile3+
Splice Construction 2yo Stakes, LR, 5.5f, 2yo, Puk
NovemberG2Auckland Thoroughbred Breeders StakesPukekohe Park7 furlongs3+f
Counties Cup, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yo+, Puk
Counties Bowl, LR, 5.5f, open, Puk
Levin Stakes, LR, 6f, open, Ota
Wellington Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, Tre
Wanganui Cup, LR, 1 1/4m, open, Wan
Trevor Eagle Memorial, LR, 7.5f, 3yo, Elle
Eagle Technology Stakes, G3, 1m, 4yo+, Elle
DecemberG2Wakefield Challenge StakesTrentham6 furlongs2Great Northern Challenge Stakes
DecemberG1Captain Cook StakesTrentham1 mile2+
Bonecrusher Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, Ell
Eulogy Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yof, Awa
DecemberG2Isuzu StakesTe Rapa1 mile3+f
Waikato Cup, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, TeR
Contractors Sprint, G3, 7f, 3yo+, TeR
The Salver, LR, 1 5/16m, 3yo, Elle
Manawatu Cup, G3, 1 7/16m, 3yo+, Awa
DecemberG2Manawatu Challenge StakesAwapuni7 furlongs3+
Hazlett Stakes, LR, 6f, open, Otg
Dunstan Stayers Championship, rest, 1 5/16m, Elle
Uncle Remus Staeks, LR, 7f, 3yo, Elle
DecemberG2Eight Carat ClassicEllerslie1 mile3f
Dunstan Championship Final, rest, 7.5f, Elle
Newmarket Handicap, LR, 6f, open, Elle
DecemberG1Zabeel ClassicEllerslie1 1/4 miles3+
Timaru Cup, LR, 1m, open, StC