Great Britain's graded racing calendar

The following table contains all graded races currently held in Great Britain. Please note that the particular dates and the order of the races always vary slightly. G3 races are included only concisely - with the exception of classic trials, which are almost exclusively run as G3 races at the beginning of the season.

Colour distinction:

Asc - Ascot, Ches - Chester, Don - Doncaster, Eps - Epsom, Good - Goodwood, Hay - Haydock, Kem - Kempton, Lin - Lingfield, Nwb - Newbury, Nwc - Newcastle, Nwm - Newmarket, Sal - Salisbury, San - Sandown, Win - Windsor, Yor - York

AprilG3Nell Gwynn StakesNewmarket7 furlongs3fclassic trial
Earl of Sefton Stakes, G3, 4yo+, 1 1/8m, Nwm
Abernant Stakes, G3, 3yo+, 6f, Nwm
AprilG3Craven StakesNewmarket1 mie3c,gclassic trial
John Porter Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, Nwb
Fred Darling Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, Nwbclassic trial
AprilG3Greenham StakesNewbury7 furlongs3c,gclassic trial
Gordon Richards Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, San
Sandown Classic Trial, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, Sanclassic trial
AprilG2Sandown MileSandown1 mile4+bet365 Mile, ex Forte Mile
Sagaro Stakes, G3, 2m, 4yo+, Asc
Pavilion Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, Asc
Palace House Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Nwm
April / MayG2Jockey Club StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles4+
April / MayG12,000 Guineas StakesNewmarket1 mile3f1. classic race, 1. leg of the Triple Crown
April / MayG2Dahlia StakesNewmarket1 1/8 miles4+f
April / MayG11,000 Guineas StakesNewmarket1 mile32. classic race
Huxley Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, Ches
MayG3Chester VaseChester1 1/2 miles3c,gDerby trial
Ormonde Stakes, G3, 1 11/16m, 4yo+, Ches
Chartwell Fillies' Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, Lin
MayG2Duke of York StakesYork6 furlongs3+
MayG3Musidora StakesYork1 5/16 miles3fOaks trial
MayG2Middleton StakesYork1 5/16 miles4+fpromoted to G2 in 2010
MayG2Dante StakesYork1 5/16 miles3
MayG2Yorkshire CupYork1 3/4 miles4+
Aston Park Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, Nwb
MayG1Lockinge StakesNewbury1 mile4+
MayG2Temple StakesHaydock5 furlongs3+
Henry II. Stakes, G3, 2m, 4yo+, San
Brigadier Gerard Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, San
Pinnacle Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+f, Hay
John O'Gaunt Stakes, G3, 7f, 4yo+, Hay
MayG2Sandy Lane StakesHaydock6 furlongs3listed prior to 2015
Diomed Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, Eps
May / JuneG1Oaks StakesEpsom1 1/2 miles3f3. classic race
Princess Elizabeth Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, Eps
May / JuneG1Coronation CupEpsom1 1/2 miles4+
JuneG1Derby StakesEpsom1 1/2 miles34. classic race, 2. leg of the Triple Crown
JuneG1Queen Anne StakesAscot1 mile4+Royal Ascot, 1st day
JuneG2Coventry StakesAscot6 furlongs2Royal Ascot, 1st day
JuneG1King's Stand StakesAscot5 furlongs3+Royal Ascot, 1st day
JuneG1St. James's Palace StakesAscot1 mile3cRoyal Ascot, 1st day
Jersey Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, AscRoyal Ascot, 2nd day
JuneG2Queen Mary StakesAscot5 furlongs2fRoyal Ascot, 2nd day
JuneG2Duke of Cambridge StakesAscot1 mile4+fex Windsor Forest Stakes prior to 2013
JuneG1Prince of Wales's StakesAscot1 1/4 miles4+Royal Ascot, 2nd day
JuneG2Norfolk StakesAscot5 furlongs2Royal Ascot, 3rd day
Hampton Court Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, AscRoyal Ascot, 3rd day
JuneG2Ribblesdale StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3fRoyal Ascot, 3rd day
JuneG1Gold CupAscot2 1/2 miles4+Royal Ascot, 3rd day
Albany Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, AscRoyal Ascot, 4th day
JuneG2King Edward VII StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3c,gRoyal Ascot, 4th day
JuneG1Commonwealth CupAscot6 furlongs3inaugurated in 2015, when the Diamond Jubilee Stakes were closed for 3yos
JuneG1Coronation StakesAscot1 mile3fRoyal Ascot, 4th day
JuneG2Hardwicke StakesAscot1 1/2 miles4+Royal Ascot, 5th day
JuneG1Diamond Jubilee StakesAscot6 furlongs4+Royal Ascot, 5th day
Criterion Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Nwm
Chipchase Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Nwc
Sprint Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, San
JulyG1Eclipse StakesSandown1 1/4 miles3+
JulyG2Lancashire OaksHaydock1 1/2 miles3+f
Bahrain Trophy, G3, 1 5/8m, 3yo, Nwm
JulyG2July StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2c,g
JulyG2Princess of Wales's StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles3+
Summer Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+f, Yor
JulyG2Duchess of Cambridge StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2fex Cherry Hinton Stakes, prior to 2013
JulyG1Falmouth StakesNewmarket1 mile3+f
JulyG2Superlative StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2
JulyG1July CupNewmarket6 furlongs3+
JulyG2Summer Mile StakesAscot1 mile4+
Hackwood Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Nwb
JulyG2York StakesYork1 5/16 miles3+
Princess Margaret Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Asc
JulyG1King George VI and Queen Elizabeth StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3+
July / AugustG2Vintage StakesGoodwood7 furlongs2Glorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Lennox StakesGoodwood7 furlongs3+Glorious Goodwood
Gordon Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG1Sussex StakesGoodwood1 mile3+Glorious Goodwood
Molecomb Stakes, G3, 5f, 2yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Richmond StakesGoodwood6 furlongs2c,gGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Goodwood CupGoodwood2 miles3+Glorious Goodwood
Lillie Langtry Stakes, G3, 1 3/4m, 3yo+f, GoodGlorious Goodwood
Glorious Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, GoodGlorious Goodwood
Thoroughbred Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2King George StakesGoodwood5 furlongs3+Glorious Goodwood
Oak Tree Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG1Nassau StakesGoodwood1 1/4 miles3+fGlorious Goodwood
Sweet Solera Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Nwm
Rose of Lancaster Stakes, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yo+, Hay
Sovereign Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+cg, Sal
Geoffrey Freer Stakes, G3, 1 11/16m, 3yo+, Nwb
AugustG2Hungerford StakesNewbury7 furlongs3+
Acomb Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yo, Yor
AugustG2Great Voltigeur StakesYork1 1/2 miles3c,g
AugustG1International StakesYork1 5/16 miles3+commonly known as the Juddmonte International
AugustG2Lowther StakesYork6 furlongs2f
AugustG1Yorkshire OaksYork1 1/2 miles3+f
AugustG2Lonsdale CupYork2 miles3+
City of York Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Yor
AugustG1Nunthorpe StakesYork5 furlongs2+
Strensall Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, Yor
AugustG2Gimcrack StakesYork6 furlongs2c,g
Atalanta Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, Sand
Solario Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yo, San
Winter Hill Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+, Win
Prestige Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Good
AugustG2Celebration MileGoodwood1 1/2 miles3+ex Wills Mile, Goodwood Mile or Waterford Crystal Mile prior to 1989
Supreme Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Good
Sirenia Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, Kem
September Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Kem
Superior Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Hay
SeptemberG1Sprint CupHaydock6 furlongs3+
SeptemberG2May Hill StakesDoncaster1 mile2f
SeptemberG2Park Hill StakesDoncaster1 13/16 miles3+f
Sceptre Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, Don
SeptemberG2Flying Childers StakesDoncaster5 furlongs2
SeptemberG2Doncaster CupDoncaster2 1/4 miles3+
SeptemberG2Champagne StakesDoncaster7 furlongs2c,g
SeptemberG2Park StakesDoncaster7 furlongs3+
SeptemberG1St. Leger StakesDoncaster1 13/16 miles35. classic race, 3. leg of the Triple Crown
Arc Trial, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+, Nwb
SeptemberG2Mill Reef StakesNewbury6 furlongs2
World Trophy, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Nwb
Firth of Clyde Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Ayr
Somerville Tattersalls Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yocg, Nwm
SeptemberG2Rockfel StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2f
SeptemberG2Joel StakesNewmarket1 mile3+promoted to G2 in 2011
SeptemberG2Royal Lodge StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles2c,g
SeptemberG1Cheveley Park StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2f
SeptemberG1Middle Park StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2c
OctoberG1Sun Chariot StakesNewmarket1 mile3+f
Cumberland Lodge Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Asc
Bengough Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Asc
Cornwallis Stakes, G3, 5f, 2yo, Nwm
Oh So Sharp Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Nwm
OctoberG2Challenge StakesNewmarket7 furlongs3+
OctoberG1Fillies' MileNewmarket1 mile2f
Autumn Stakes, G3, 1m, 2yo, Nwm
OctoberG1Dewhurst StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2
Darley Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, Nwm
OctoberG2British Champions Long Distance CupAscot2 miles3+ex Jockey Club Cup prior to 2011
OctoberG1British Champions Sprint StakesAscot6 furlongs3+ex Diadem Stakes G3 prior to 2011; promoted to G1 in 2015
OctoberG1British Champions Fillies' and Mares' StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3+fex Princess Royal Stakes
OctoberG1Queen Elizabeth II StakesAscot1 mile3+
OctoberG1Champion StakesAscot1 1/4 miles3+
Horris Hill Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yocg, Nwb
St. Simon Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Nwb
OctoberG1Racing Post TrophyDoncaster1 mile2