France's graded racing calendar

Updated: 4th June 2018

The following table contains all graded races currently held in France. Please note that the particular dates and the order of the races can vary.
G3 races are included only concisely - with the exception of classic trials, which are almost exclusively run as G3 races at the beginning of the season.

Colour distinction:

Chan - Chantilly, Deau - Deauville, Lon - Longchamp, MaL - Maisons-Laffitte, SaC - Saint-Cloud, Tou - Toulouse

Prix Exbury, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, SaC
Prix Edmond Blanc, G3, 1m, 4yo+, SaC
AprilG3Prix la ForceLongchamp1 1/8 miles3c,gDerby trial
AprilG2Prix d'HarcourtLongchamp1 1/4 miles4+
AprilG3Prix VanteauxLongchamp1 1/8 miles3f
AprilG3Prix ImprudenceMaisons-Laffitte7 furlongs3fGuineas trial
AprilG3Prix DjebelMaisons-Laffitte7 furlongs3c,gGuineas trial
Prix Sigy, G3, 6f, 3yo, Chan
AprilG3Prix de FontainebleauLongchamp1 mile3cGuineas trial
AprilG3Prix de la GrotteLongchamp1 mile3fGuineas trial
AprilG3Prix NoaillesLongchamp1 5/16 miles3Derby trial
Prix Allez France, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+f, Chan
AprilG1Prix GanaySaint-Cloud1 5/16 miles4+
Prix de Barbeville, G3, 1 15/16m, 4yo+, Lon
AprilG3Prix PenelopeSaint-Cloud1 5/16 miles3fOaks trial
MayG2Prix du MuguetSaint-Cloud1 mile4+
Prix d'Hedouville, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, Lon
Prix de Guiche, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yoc, Chan
MayG2Prix GreffulheSaint-Cloud1 1/4 miles3
Prix Texanita, G3, 5.5f, 3yo, MaL
Prix de Saint-Georges, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Lon
MayG1Poule d'Essai des PoulichesLongchamp1 mile3fFrench 1,000 Guineas
MayG1Poule d'Essai des PoulainsLongchamp1 mile3cFrench 2,000 Guineas
Prix Cleopatre, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yof, SaC
MayG2Prix CorridaSaint-Cloud1 5/16 miles4+f
Prix du Lys, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo, Lon
MayG1Prix Saint-AlaryLongchamp1 1/4 miles3f
MayG1Prix d'IspahanLongchamp9.5 furlongs4+
MayG2Prix Vicomtesse VigierLongchamp1 15/16 miles4+
Prix du Palais-Royal, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Lon
JuneG2Prix de SandringhamChantilly1 mile3f
JuneG2Prix du Gros CheneChantilly5 furlongs3+
JuneG2Grand Prix de ChantillyChantilly1 1/2 miles4+
JuneG1Prix du Jockey ClubChantilly1 5/16 miles3
Prix de Royaumont, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yof
La Coupe, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, Lon
Prix Bertrand du Breuil, G3, 1m, 4yo+, Chan
Prix Paul de Moussac, G3, 1m, 3oycg, Chan
JuneG1Prix de DianeChantilly1 5/16 miles3f
JuneG2Prix HocquartLongchamp1 1/2 miles3
Prix de la Porte Maillot, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Lon
Prix du Bois, G3, 5f, 2yo, Chan
Prix Chloe, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yof, Chan
JulyG1Grand Prix de Saint-CloudSaint-Cloud1 1/2 miles4+
JulyG2Prix de MalleretSaint-Cloud1 1/2 miles3f
JulyG1Prix Jean PratChantilly1 mile3
JulyG2Prix Maurice de NieuilLongchamp1 3/4 miles4+
JulyG1Grand Prix de ParisLongchamp1 1/2 miles3
JulyG2Prix Eugene AdamMaisons-Laffitte1 1/4 miles3
Prix de Ris-Orangis, G3, 6f, 3yo+, MaL
Grand Prix de Vichy, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+, Vichy
JulyG2Prix Robert PapinMaisons-Laffitte5.5 furlongs2
Prix Messidor, G3, 1m, 3yo+, MaL
Prix Six Perfections, G3, 7f, 2yof, Deau
Prix de Psyche, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yof, Deau
Prix de Cabourg, G3, 6f, 2yo, Deau
July / AugustG1Prix RothschildDeauville1 mile3+f
Prix de Reux, G3, 1 9/16m, 3yo+, Deau
AugustG1Prix Maurice de GheestDeauville6.5 furlongs3+
Prix Minerve G3, 1 9/16m, 3yof, Deau
AugustG1Prix Jacques Le MaroisDeauville1 mile3+
Prix de Lieurey, G3, 1m, 3yof, Deau
AugustG2Prix Guillaume d'OrnanoDeauville1 1/4 miles3
Prix Gontaut-Biron, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, Deau
AugustG2Prix du CalvadosDeauville7 furlongs2f
AugustG2Prix de la NonetteDeauville1 1/4 miles3f
AugustG2Prix KergorlayDeauville2 1/2 miles3+
AugustG1Prix MornyDeauville6 furlongs2
AugustG1Prix Jean RomanetDeauville1 1/4 miles4+f
AugustG2Prix de PomoneDeauville1 9/16 miles3+f
Prix Daphnis, G3, 9.5f, 3yocg, Lon
Prix de Meautry, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Deau
Prix Quincey, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Deau
AugustG2Grand Prix de DeauvilleDeauville1 9/16 miles3+
Prix d'Arenberg, G3, 5.5f, 2yo, Chan
Prix la Rochette, G3, 7f, 2yo, Lon
Prix Lutece, G3, 2 1/2m, 3yo, Lon
Prix d'Aumale, G3, 1m, 2yof, Chan
Prix des Chenes, G3, 1m, 2yocg, Lon
SeptemberG1Prix du Moulin de LongchampLongchamp1 mile3+
Prix Gladiateur, G3, 1 15/16m, 4yo+, Lon
SeptemberG1Prix VermeilleLongchamp1 1/2 miles3+f
SeptemberG2Prix FoyLongchamp1 1/2 miles4+c,f
SeptemberG2Prix NielLongchamp1 1/2 miles3
Prix du Pin, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Lon
Prix du Petit Couvert, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Lon
La Coupe de Maisons-Laffitte, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+, MaL
Prix Eclipse, G3, 6f, 2yo, Chan
Prix Bertrand de Tarragon, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+f, MaL
Prix du Prince d'Orange, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, Lon
Prix de Conde, G3, 1 1/8m, 2yo, Lon
Prix Thomas Bryon, G3, 7f, 2yo, SaC
OctoberG2Prix ChaudenayLongchamp2 1/2 miles3Arc meeting
OctoberG2Prix DollarLongchamp1 1/4 miles3+Arc meeting
OctoberG2Prix Daniel WildensteinLongchamp1 mile3+Arc meeting
OctoberG1Prix du CadranLongchamp2 1/2 miles4+Arc meeting
OctoberG2Prix de RoyallieuLongchamp1 9/16 miles3+fArc meeting
OctoberG1Prix Marcel BoussacLongchamp1 mile2fArc meeting
OctoberG1Prix Jean-Luc LagardereLongchamp1 mile2Arc meeting
OctoberG1Prix de l'Arc de TriompheLongchamp1 1/2 miles3+Arc meeting
OctoberG1Prix de l'OperaLongchamp1 1/4 miles3+fArc meeting
OctoberG1Prix de l'Abbaye de LongchampLongchamp5 furlongs2+Arc meeting
OctoberG1Prix de la ForetLongchamp7 furlongs3+Arc meeting
OctoberG2Critérium de Maisons-LaffitteMaisons-Laffitte6 furlongs2
Prix Andre Baboin, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+, var.
OctoberG2Prix du Conseil de ParisLongchamp1 1/2 miles3+
Prix des Reservoirs, G3, 1m, 2yof, Deau
Prix de Flore, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yo+f, SaC
OctoberG1Prix Royal-OakLongchamp1 15/16 miles3+
OctoberG1Critérium InternationalSaint-Cloud7 furlongs2
OctoberG1Critérium de Saint-CloudSaint-Cloud1 1/4 miles2
Prix Perth, G3, 1m, 3yo+, SaC
Prix Miesque, G3, 7f, 2yof, MaL
Prix de Seine-et-Oise, G3, 6f, 3yo+, MaL
Prix Fille de l'Air, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yo+f, Tou