About Us

The Horse Racing Library is run by Turf Data, z.s., which is a small non-profit, non-governmental organization legally registered and settled in the Czech Republic, Central Europe.

The authors of this website are longterm internet publishers with more than 15 years experience and about 950 published articles of an unlimited extent up to date - including analyses of stallions, broodmare families, race reports from top races worldwide, racing legends and breeding theories.

The people running this project are:

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact by e-mail at: info@racing-library.org.

Our goals

Our goal is simple: to create a strong, comprehensive, PERMANENT and accessible source of information which will, over the years, cover the most important information about both modern and historical thoroughbred horse-racing and breeding.

The motivation for this is very simple: to bring information in a clear and easily-understandable form, so that future generations of thoroughbred enthusiasts and breeders can learn a lot quicker than we had to.

Because the future of thoroughbreds is in the hands of passionate, devoted and educated breeders. And always will be.

Our materials

Using our materials for any purpose isĀ strictly forbidden without OUR WRITTEN CONSENT!

Please see our copyright note, which is at the end of every page. We ARE willing to co-operate on sharing our materials, but we want to be sure they will keep their proper form. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Website notes

Responsive design

We were able to make this website responsive for small displays, but please note it has several technical limits. All texts, as well as all schemes, are well adapted but some wider tables had to be strongly adjusted. Please keep in mind we did it in order to display their content at all. Structures like databases, tables or schemes simply weren't meant to be displayed on small displays, and we can't make miracles.


We would like to have photos here, of course. However, despite the huge number of historic photos floating around the internet, we haveĀ no legal rights to use them. As this website is financed through sponsorship, we absolutely don't want to collect any money for it through any intentionally stolen materials. We have decided to let this part for other websites or internet search engines, and to focus strictly on data.


We're not happy about it, but errors are just bound to happen. Both pedigree and results databases contain errors too, and although we are able to catch some of them, still possibly not all. Moreover, we're not flawless either: this website contains thousands of names, dates, and factual information and it's really not that hard to hit a bad key. We're sorry for it, and as this website is meant to be the source of CORRECT information, we would like to ask you to report any error to us, preferably via e-mail address: errors@racing-library.org.